You Lose.

Name: Aemeth Lysette

Nickname:  Cake, Aems, or Aemy

Store:  [ a.e.meth ] – An artsy makeup and fashion store.  Visit it in-world, or at the marketplace.

Hi! I’m Aemeth. I paint and make things in SL for fun.

I’m very easygoing and like people who are the same. Just in case you had a question, I’ve included a small FAQ below.

Feel free to im me or drop a notecard saying hello! In game, you can reach me as the alt Aemeth Lysette.

1.  Can I pass you a review item?

You can, but if you give me a review item, it isn’t guaranteed I’ll blog it, or won’t critique it.  Often times I can be technical about what I say and I don’t want anyone to get angry.

2.  I’d like to get some items of yours for my blog.

If you’re interested in getting an item to blog, please contact me via notecard or IM (send to Aemeth Lysette).

3.  I have a problem with an item/want a custom thing/etc

Please contact Aemeth Lysette in-world with either an IM or a notecard.  Please be warned, I don’t take custom orders much anymore.

4.  I’d like to resell your stuff.

I do not make items for resale, unless you count gatcha items.  Those have transfer perms, so you can sell those all you want.  I don’t create Business In A Box items, though.

5.  You should paint/sell your stuff irl, etc.

I do!  But if you know of a good gallery or art dealer, let me know!  I don’t mind expanding my operations, lol.


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