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It Isn't That Serious.

“Why do you use the term ‘we’?”

In relation to my SL store, if I make a post, I’m using a formal tone on behalf of the store itself.  I use “we” then, to sound more professional.  The more detached you are sometimes when you’re relating to your customers about products, the more the customer is able to relate to the product itself–you’re taking yourself out of the equation as the designer.  It’s less personal that way.

In relation to my rl company, it’s an LLC partnership and so I’m not the only owner.  “We” is literally used to refer to myself and my co-founder.

I’ve been pretty misunderstood in this term because people think I’ve been speaking about myself in the third person this whole time, as if I’m arrogant or have a superiority complex.  Someone even thought I was schizophrenic once (seriously, check my company website before you make that accusation, okay?).  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Hi!  This week there was a delay in getting portrait work done due to a personal emergency. As of today, we’re back to work. Thanks for waiting.

Will You Take His Hand?


This portrait is for Sorcha!  I drew her into a scene in the movie “Labyrinth” with Bowie opposite of her.  I totally had a cool step-by-step video of this, but for some reason, ManyCam recorded it all blurry and stuff.  Heart?  Broken.

If you’d like a portrait, you can sign up for the waiting list here.


Sugar Girls

Sweet Fashion from Sweet Girls

Lazy Designers

Not actually lazy, just busy.

Bluebird's Song

an excuse for me to shop & indulge in vanity photos