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The Table Is Set

(Click here to visit this area.)

Gogo rezzed a bunch of platforms the other day and asked me to make a yardsale area with it.  Being the anal person I am about space and the utilization of it, I thought:

1.  Okay nobody’s going to traverse this whole thing unless there’s a reason, and

2.  I don’t like the platform textures.

So I laid some additional stuff over it.  Then I got a bright idea… let’s make everyone feel small when they visit.  Very, very small.

I love this new area because when I cam around, I can’t help but view the Arcade carts set up there as anything but toys.  Often when I play 3d games, I wonder about the scaling of the figures and how big they would actually be if they were measured with a real-world ruler.  I have the sneaking suspicion that SL avatars are surprisingly small, like maybe only a few inches tall or something.

Many of these objects are climbable, or the bounding boxes allow you to get very high up to take pictures or enjoy the view.  I left some the way they are for this reason (like the cupcake platform).

If you’re interested in rezzing in the new yardsale area, please contact either Juicy Littlething or myself.  Juicy Littlething can get to you faster this weekend, I’ll be more available after Tuesday.

If you’re a Juicy tenant, you’re already given permission to rez on the platform.

Rules for the yardsale:

1.  No hovertext whatsoever, or any packaging that’s distracting or ugly.  We used to allow hovertext, but when a lot of items with it are bunched together, it’s god-awful.  We will return items with hovertext so please don’t use it.

2.  Don’t spam the area with a ton of items.  I won’t enforce a prim limit, but do keep it under 25 if you can.  If you need more, talk to us.

3. You can set out non-arcade stuff, but make sure it’s cute.  No distracting, loud, or fullbright objects, please.  If you can’t rez it at your store, you can’t rez it here either.

4.  Do not rez your own store items at the gatcha area.  That’s what your store is for.  If we find your own gatchas in the yard sale area, they will be returned without question.

5.  You can sell your items for as little or as much as you’d like.

I’m looking forward to people taking pictures in the new area!  Leave a comment with yours if you take one.  Thanks!


This post is my official commissions waiting list, although later on it will be moved over to another site entirely.  Until then, leave your names here!

If you need to see prices, you can click here.

Thank you!

EDIT: Orders are on-hold and are unavailable to purchase at my shop.  A corporation came out of the blue and asked for logo work from me, so until that and another order are done, the shop isn’t taking new orders right now.  I’m sorry about that!


Some people were curious about my portraits and if they could get one. I’m happy to announce I am now open to accepting commission requests.  (See examples of work here.)

The prices are as follows:

Simple Bust:  2,480L (10USD).  A portrait of a character or avatar bust-up, with a minimal background to complement the picture.

The Big Picture:  6,200L (25USD).  A more detailed portrait, either full-body or bust-up, with a background that is more detailed (see picture above for an example).  It’s more full, and takes up the entire canvas in its composition.

All The Details:  12,400L (50USD).  Do you love your character a lot?  Dedicate a lot of time to the game?  Want a beautifully detailed picture to bring them to life–really, really bring them to life?  Get this package.  You get head-to-toe detail, either full-body or bust-up of your character, with a background that’s equally rendered to match them.

All of my portraits are done to depict your avatar/character and make people want to relate to them.  That’s the Cake Guarantee™.

When you purchase a package, you get a texture in-game you can put on a prim, as well as a 2LI mesh canvas to hang on your wall with your art on it.  You also get a hi-res image emailed to you, if you so desire.

NOTE:  Images are not to be resold anywhere.  I retain the rights to sell the work as I please, unless you’d like to pay me for exclusivity.  Also please note, I don’t draw adult-rated portraits.  If you pay me for a portrait through Paypal and then ask for adult content, I am not responsible for fees taken out by Paypal when I refund you.

Want a portrait?  Contact Aemeth Lysette to get started!  You can either use a notecard or just IM me. Thank you!

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