Using People’s Pictures From Flickr For The Sake Of Expressing How You Don’t Like Them In A Blog Post, Is Kind Of A Dick Move



Oh, look at that, somebody else doesn’t like the scrunchy-eyed look that’s kind of popular in SL.  or wide hips, or leg gaps, and short avs.. or skinny ones, or those saggy harem pants that have that super odd stretch whenever somebody’s body thickness slider is turned all the way up to 100.

Everyone has an opinion about beauty in SL and what it is, and that’s cool.  But this blog post sees the author taking pictures from people’s Flickr, just to showcase them in a post and talk about how they don’t like said avatar’s appearance.

Here’s my irks me: some of these pictures are beautifully styled.  Even if I don’t care for how that user expresses themselves visually, each picture takes a lot of work to pull off of that caliber, and it isn’t very nice to just post it with a dismissive tone like that.

Maybe it was done for the sake of pageviews, maybe this person just wanted to express their opinion.  Still… not cool the way it was handled.

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