Food Fair!

Hey hey hey, I have stuff available at Food Fair, starting on the 19th:

Foodie Comics

Super fun food related comics! Get your favorite discipline (manga, standard American, pretentious graphic novel, or dark gritty comic!) and rez them all over your house or shop or wherever you like. Each comic is 1LI and the whole pack is 100L to purchase. You can also blow it up super-large, leave it small, shrink it, your choice.


Get religious with this painting about pizza! I felt very influenced by a hymn by William Byrd when I made this. I wanted to explore what you feel when you’re really hungry and you bite into a pizza for the first time after craving it forever, and you taste all that cheese and grease and marinara and stuff. Also that crunchy crust. I’m pretty sure Jesus was angry in all of his religious paintings because he realized pizza wasn’t invented yet, which would pretty much annoy anybody.

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