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StrangeMetaTheodora has a new avatar out!  The Parthenoid Avatar comes with a bunch of options for both heads and footwear, as well as a unique gun-arm you can use for roleplay.  I like the av a lot and wanted to customize it, so I paired it with Sugar Garden’s Dakota mesh head, as well as Meta’s cyber gauntlets, space collar, and cyber headset.

I also added Action’s Dolly Lashes to my mesh head for a complete ‘doll’ look.  There’s three parts of the eyelash set to edit, but it’s pretty easy to adjust and looks great in photos.

It was kind of hard to find a place to take a photo this time!  I hate to say it, but a lot of the scifi sims are getting older now.  It takes a lot to build a sim and maintain it, but I wish there was something new.  Something with pretty mesh buildings and build components I haven’t seen before.  Maybe it’s just me getting older and seeing too much scifi stuff in SL after a while?  You get tired of the same old thing…

Time to check out Ziki’s blog for some new places, I guess!

What blogs do you check out when you want to find a new, unusual place to visit?





Oh, look at that, somebody else doesn’t like the scrunchy-eyed look that’s kind of popular in SL.  or wide hips, or leg gaps, and short avs.. or skinny ones, or those saggy harem pants that have that super odd stretch whenever somebody’s body thickness slider is turned all the way up to 100.

Everyone has an opinion about beauty in SL and what it is, and that’s cool.  But this blog post sees the author taking pictures from people’s Flickr, just to showcase them in a post and talk about how they don’t like said avatar’s appearance.

Here’s my irks me: some of these pictures are beautifully styled.  Even if I don’t care for how that user expresses themselves visually, each picture takes a lot of work to pull off of that caliber, and it isn’t very nice to just post it with a dismissive tone like that.

Maybe it was done for the sake of pageviews, maybe this person just wanted to express their opinion.  Still… not cool the way it was handled.

Hey hey hey, I have stuff available at Food Fair, starting on the 19th:

Foodie Comics

Super fun food related comics! Get your favorite discipline (manga, standard American, pretentious graphic novel, or dark gritty comic!) and rez them all over your house or shop or wherever you like. Each comic is 1LI and the whole pack is 100L to purchase. You can also blow it up super-large, leave it small, shrink it, your choice.


Get religious with this painting about pizza! I felt very influenced by a hymn by William Byrd when I made this. I wanted to explore what you feel when you’re really hungry and you bite into a pizza for the first time after craving it forever, and you taste all that cheese and grease and marinara and stuff. Also that crunchy crust. I’m pretty sure Jesus was angry in all of his religious paintings because he realized pizza wasn’t invented yet, which would pretty much annoy anybody.

Public Domain

Happy Sunday!

There are lots of creators out there who like to appropriate images in order to create fun and engaging items on the grid.  The problem is, how do you do this without getting zapped with a DMCA notice, or just plain coming off as an asshole?

The answer is to refer to films, cartoons, and other similar work that is in the public domain or is royalty free.

Here is a small list to refer to for films you can use in your creations.  As always with Wikipedia, do some research on your own to make sure the creative work listed is actually free to use, just in case.

List of US Public Domain Films

Open-source Films  (also check out this page for more info about them)

TV Shows With Episodes In The Public Domain

Cartoons Created Before 1923

Public Domain War Films

Art in the Public Domain

I’m sure there’s more out there, but this list will help get some people started.  Please remember to do additional research to make sure your creations are in the clear.


Quick shot of my new bedroom.

If you haven’t played the new Mad Pea hunt, I highly recommend it.  The oriental table and sofa from Noctis you receive at the end of the hunt is well worth it.  I put mine in my bedroom for a new hangout/smokeroom area.  It looks so nice there!

Other new furniture: Olive’s new vanity from The Home Show, Culprit’s trunk chest (and the awesome cabin surrounding me!), as well as this great mesh hookah from
Bliensen + MaiTai.

EDIT:  Worth a mention because I just got the n/c and I love them–Tatty Soup is closing and their furniture is on sale.  There are some really cool mesh pieces at the sale, so head on over to buy that and more!

Sugar Girls

Sweet Fashion from Sweet Girls

Lazy Designers

Not actually lazy, just busy.

Bluebird's Song

an excuse for me to shop & indulge in vanity photos