This Is Extremely Rude.


This build is offensive.

Juicybomb has been around for years, and has promoted a clean, ecological beach sim for people to build and sell their products on.  It’s been this way for the longest without anyone coming along to screw it up.  That all has changed, thanks to these assholes, who are now occupying a pretty large space on the opposite end of the sim from my store.

Look closely at this photo.  You see those stacks of smoke there?  You know what that means?

Seriously, this is rude.  You don’t cause pollution on sims like that.  It’s offensive to everyone else who rents there, offensive to the visitors, and offensive to all the poor animals this is going to affect.

I’m pretty sure these guy have some kind of sludge pump in the back of their factory build leading into the water, but I haven’t checked it out yet.

The only thing I can do right now is complain to the admins and AR them, but if you want to maybe contact the owners and ask them to take down their stupid pollution stacks, you can contact them here.

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