Mechanical Heart

Mechanical Heart

Sometimes I get the whim to run around SL giving away makeup.  This past Friday, I popped by The Library to do so, and while I was there I saw someone wearing these awesome cyborg arms.  Turns out it was my friend Sian Pearl who makes them!  She sent me the package and told me to have fun with them.  Best gift ever!

These gloves are awesome. The rigging is well-done, and they’re materials-ready (I don’t have that viewer yet, but the marketplace entry has a materials preview).  I’m a big scifi geek, so I love all the new mesh stuff coming out that makes you look like an android/cyborg/whatever.  All I’m waiting for now, is for Sian to make a mesh bodysuit–which I know she will in time.  Hey, Sian!  I’m willing to trade in makeup with you for that!

To blog these gloves, I decided to shoot them while standing around in Djehan Kidd’s space cocoon, which is a cool scifi mesh skybox that comes in pg or adult versions.

Anyway, that’s it!  I had an entry I wanted to spend talking about the potential of SL to rule the world, but I’ll talk about that next time!

Mechanical Heart

  • Suit:  Bloody Mess – Overall Greaser (Unisex)
  • Hair: Exile – Crazy In Love (Maroon)
  • Skin:  Pink Fuel – Harley 05 (Rare)
  • Eyeshadow (bottom layer) : Chelle – Moon Dust (Micah)
  • Eyeshadow (top layer):  Chelle – Sparkling Eyeshadows (Pink)
  • Eyeliner: [ a.e.meth ] – Essential Eyeliners 5
  • Cheek Tat: [ a.e.meth ] – Daughter of North Theatrical Makeup (Cheek, tintable)
  • Gloves: MetaTheodora – VESPERS Cyber Gauntlets
  • Earrings: Baubles! – Byzantine Earrings
  1. Sian said:

    So very flattered, particularly ‘cos you liked them before you knew it was me that made them ❤

    • Aemeth said:

      Of course! They’re freakin’ awesome!

    • Aemeth said:

      It’s from Exile! “Crazy In Love” in Marone.

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