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I am far too lazy to throw up a new picture right now, but I wanted to ramble for a second on something I thought was kind of obvious, but maybe it isn’t because it’s becoming this super really common defense.  The more I hear it, the more I wtf at it.

“You totally should have come to me about me ripping content first!”

This is what I hear from every single person who has been called out for IP theft ever. We should have told them first!  We should have known that they didn’t know what they were doing!  Like, seriously, what is wrong with people for pointing out if a product in SL is ripping the intellectual property of something else?  That is totally a faux pas.

C’mon, y’all.  No one’s going to do that.  If you don’t care to take some consideration and wonder if what you’re doing is ethical, then no one is obligated to give you any consideration before they openly complain about the offending product, especially when the rip is obvious.

This is becoming such a common reply from people who rip content and are called out for it, that I’m just going to say it: Grow up.  Grow up and gain some foresight.  A little of that will go a long way, and save you some embarrassment.

I could care less to pick up a pitchfork and start hunting people down for ripping things on the grid.  I do, however, know other players who have openly professed to helping rl companies find examples of work duplicated in grid and sold for a profit.  They report them, and you would be very surprised to know who these users are.  (Edit: I should clarify, they are not just firing off emails.  They are actually assisting these companies.)

And you know what?  They aren’t going to tell you before they report you, either.  They’re just going to do it.  You think I’m bad?  You have no idea who’s willing to inform a company and get you into real trouble.

So, pull up your big boy pants and start thinking about your actions.  I may not care to fire off an email to a corporate office, but some players will.

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