I don’t think I can gush enough about how much I love the scooter from What Next.  It’s available at the Arcade right now, but I got mine by stalking yard sales and trading with someone who had one in seafoam (thanks, Crys!).  Now that I have a two-seater in my favorite color, I’m probably going to give my other two scooters away or sell them off.

Part of the reason I love this vehicle is what you get with it.  The rezzer hud is awesome, and the handling on the scooter is really nice.  I would compare it to the Prefabrica vehicles in terms of usability and ease of handling.  Some vehicles turn too quickly or accelerate too fast when you try to drive them in SL, making them pretty unenjoyable.  So if you like a good SL vehicle, this scooter is one of my top picks of ones to own.

I’ve also fallen in love with Fashionably Dead’s Bossy Boots.  I bought a ton, gave some away, and kept like seven or eight colors for myself.  I love how there’s just one thing to attach for wearing both left and right boots, rather than putting on each boot separately.  It cuts down on inventory and shortens the dressing process.

The last thing I wanted to point out are these cute clothes I got from Mousey!  They’re a cute boutique just a few shops down from mine, and they have tanks and stops that are Lolas friendly.  I’m always on the lookout for something that’s moderate in taste and still serves the Lolas crowd, so if you like that sort of thing, stop by their store!

I’m wearing a lot of other stuff I love in this pic, so here’s a complete list:

Baubles – Get Retro Earrings

Fashionably Dead – Radio Headphones (Tan)*

Mousey – Shortie Top (Orange)

Mousey – Spring Shorts (Black)

Wrigglesworth – Ferrah Frames

Adore and Abhor – Drippy Necklace (Rude/Silver)*

Lelukta – Jolie Hair (Sookie)

Pink Fuel – Harley Skin 1 (Rare)*

Fashionably Dead – Bossy Boots (Shiny Yellow)*

What Next – Scooter (Seafoam 2 Seater)*

* Arcade items.

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