New Nails!

New Nails!


I’ve released three sets of Slink Avatar nails.  If you have one of those cool mesh hands from Slink, you can pick up these packs to sport:

 Tie-Dye Nails

Miami Nails

Hustla Nails

I’m kind of proud of that Benjamin Franklin nail design, honestly.  I painted it while staring at a picture of a hundred dollar bill.

Anyway, you can pick these up at the Numberology event beginning today at noon SLT!

I’ve got a makeup pack I intend to release for Pink Fuel’s new Harley skin, but I’ll get to that this weekend.


  1. Martha said:

    I ❤ those nails!

    But it gets me a bit frustrated coz I cannot buy it 😦
    After the whole mess with L$ exchanges I’m left without mine operating.
    I’ve found this list of new companies
    and it says that you can buy L$ in Podex Exchange the best price – .
    But I’ve never heard about them before.
    Does anyone know them? Or any other exchange I can use without PayPal?

    I want to go shopping!! 😦

    • Aemeth said:

      Hey there! Thanks for visiting. I haven’t heard of them before but maybe another reader has! I can ask around for you!

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