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This harpy was last seen in the woods, casting her spell over the unfortunate photographer who managed to push their flash button one last time.  Instead of her spell just affecting him, it also affected the film…

Hair: Magicka – Bliss (01)


1. Chelle – The Living Dead (Blue 1)

2. Chelle – Mascara (02)

3. [ a.e.meth ] – Daughter of North Theatrical Makeup (Eye Powder, tintable)

Wings: Europa – Nyxus Wings (Red Tips)

Body Covers:  MetaTheoDora – Freudian Slip Underwear


If you don’t like creepypasta, you might not want to get this tattoo.  However, it’s free at my store for the entire month of July.

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This build is offensive.

Juicybomb has been around for years, and has promoted a clean, ecological beach sim for people to build and sell their products on.  It’s been this way for the longest without anyone coming along to screw it up.  That all has changed, thanks to these assholes, who are now occupying a pretty large space on the opposite end of the sim from my store.

Look closely at this photo.  You see those stacks of smoke there?  You know what that means?

Seriously, this is rude.  You don’t cause pollution on sims like that.  It’s offensive to everyone else who rents there, offensive to the visitors, and offensive to all the poor animals this is going to affect.

I’m pretty sure these guy have some kind of sludge pump in the back of their factory build leading into the water, but I haven’t checked it out yet.

The only thing I can do right now is complain to the admins and AR them, but if you want to maybe contact the owners and ask them to take down their stupid pollution stacks, you can contact them here.

There seems to be some confusion as to my actual ethnic identity, to the point where it’s caused a lot of snarky comments and discussion over it.  I can’t fathom why this is so important, but I understand that people in Second Life have lied about themselves before.

But if you knew me, you’d know that’s not something I ever need to do.

So, let’s clear this up so I never, ever have to explain this crap again:

I am creole.  Creoles are a mixture of three main cultures: French, black, and Native American.  More specifically, my family originates from Opelousas, Louisiana.

Creoles look like everything under the sun.  I attend a university that’s pretty diverse, and due to my racially ambiguous appearance, I’ve been mistaken for everything from hispanic to Egyptian (supposedly if I cut my hair short, some Arabic guys will ask if I’m from Egypt, and tell me the girls from there look just like me).  My cousins have tan skin and curly dark hair, my aunts have blonde hair and hazel eyes.  My father also has these same features.

No one I know practices voodoo but I get that joke a lot.  Creoles are stereotyped to be this mysterious, witchcraft-loving people who’ll bed anyone and etc etc.  We’re also supposedly the people who walk around with a turban on our heads and warn people in horror movies if some bad juju is coming their way.   I also get the stupid cross gesture sometimes, as if I’m a vampire.  Gee.  I didn’t know I was one.  Thanks.

Probably the least stereotypical movie I know is Eve’s Bayou.  It was still kind of a stupid film, but it offers great insight into how creoles are different, yet we are still both a subculture of French and black peoples.  (Edit: I forgot there’s also Treme.)

Creoles have their own language.  Well–we say we do, but it’s really a mix of pidgin and bastardized French.  Most people don’t know creoles by their ethnicity, but by the food.  Gumbo, boudin, and etoufee are just some of the awesome culinary dishes that are a result of our culture.

There’s also a unique type of music we have called zydeco.  You can listen to it here.

When I was a child, I learned the art of making large masks every Mardi Gras.  My parents taught me how to do this: you construct your model from cardboard, and then apply many layers of paper mache to slowly form the mask to what it should look like.  Nowadays, as you can see in the picture, I implement more than that–plaster wrap, which is a stronger bond, clay modeling wire, and very, very strong tape.  The masks I construct can last up to three months with hard partying, then they start to crumble.  So far I’m getting ready to construct a third mask.  When I get ten altogether, I’ll hold an exhibit.

The above picture is the mask I currently wear for performance art.

It takes a long time to explain to anyone what exactly my culture is, if they’ve never heard of it before.  To simplify this, I often just say I’m black, because way too many Americans just don’t get it and like simple labels.  I also run into a lot of resentment from other black people if I go into too much detail, because they think I’m trying to separate myself from them (“Oh, you think you’re better?”)  It’s ignorant, and sad, and often I don’t have the time to clarify, so fuck it.  I’m black.  Now shut up.

I never have to do this with French people though, because as soon as I say where I’m from, they get it.  Then we start talking about food and cool stuff to see in Louisiana, and jazz.  I appreciate this a lot more because they aren’t coming from a judgmental angle.

“Well I still don’t see any proof?”

Fuck you.  You’re probably one of those people who doesn’t get out much, and wants to stalk someone to the point of prying into their private lives, just to satisfy your curiosity.  You need to take a step back from the computer and chill out.  This explanation is just to make people understand what I reference and why, not to clear a background check.

“What about the Native American bit?”

My cousins belong to a tribe in Avoyelles, but I didn’t register because it was too much of an argument over money–and I don’t respect that shit at all.  There is, however, more than one tribe and expression of this aspect of our people.  Here’s another one.  Just like the French, Native Americans get this.  They don’t judge, they get it.  I appreciate that a lot.

I hope this clears some confusion for people, to the point where they don’t make slurs about my ethnicity ever again.  Seriously, you look like a pig when you do that.  Don’t be that person.

How You Could Probably Rule The World In SL, If You Wanted To

As some of you might know, I recently raised enough money IRL to kick off an art project I’ve been dreaming of for a while.  Despite my insistence of not wanting to believe it would be a success, it was.  I raised just enough to move to a proper studio space, buy the necessary supplies, and start production.

And some of that money came from Second Life users who believed in me.

This past Friday, I took the results of that fundraiser, and applied for a larger grant–to tour nationally, possibly, and pimp out the project so it could be a properly lucrative business.  The judges were impressed by the original fundraiser, and invited me to come back and pitch the project again in July for final funding determination.

Originally, I raised about $700 to start this project out.  Now, I’m looking at possibly getting $5,000.

People laugh at me sometimes when I say it’s possible to garner enough support from Second Life to do what you want.  But it happens, and it can happen in an extraordinary enough way if you set your mind to it.  But you know what’s even more of a possibility?

Networking and forging a better future for yourself through the grid.  What I mean, is this:

Let’s say you have two people who are artists (easy enough analogy here), and they both want to get their work across the nation to new galleries.  If you got enough of these people together, they could exchange information about the galleries in their respective cities and where to send work to.  They could determine a group show, rvsp spots in their respective cities, and move the work around between one another to make it look like one big, consistent tour.  It makes everyone look good, and their art resumes could get a big boost from it.

To the public, they don’t know how this is happening–they just see a tour and they’re impressed.  The artists look more successful than what they are, and no one is the wiser of how it all came together on the back end.

Let’s use another example.

Two people, each in different states, want to start a project.  They each bring unique knowledge to the table in terms of making it come together.  Let’s say this one is technical.  They both want to create an app.  They pool their resources together, found a business with the two halves a respective LLC in that particular town they’re from.  They use online meetings in SL to get the work done, treating the virtual space as their office.

It can happen, and has before.  We’ve seen offices sponsored by news networks on the grid, although they didn’t last as long as they could have.  Maybe part of the problem was that start-ups weren’t looked at as seriously as they are now.

So what if someone started holding networking parties, where people who are genuinely serious about making something happen for themselves actually participated?

What would happen if someone created a virtual business incubator?

What would happen if several people, who already have business management knowledge from running a store in SL, made the transition to RL with the same design team they’ve been working with?

It wouldn’t be entirely easy to make it work, but it can happen.  You just have to believe in yourself.

Mechanical Heart

Sometimes I get the whim to run around SL giving away makeup.  This past Friday, I popped by The Library to do so, and while I was there I saw someone wearing these awesome cyborg arms.  Turns out it was my friend Sian Pearl who makes them!  She sent me the package and told me to have fun with them.  Best gift ever!

These gloves are awesome. The rigging is well-done, and they’re materials-ready (I don’t have that viewer yet, but the marketplace entry has a materials preview).  I’m a big scifi geek, so I love all the new mesh stuff coming out that makes you look like an android/cyborg/whatever.  All I’m waiting for now, is for Sian to make a mesh bodysuit–which I know she will in time.  Hey, Sian!  I’m willing to trade in makeup with you for that!

To blog these gloves, I decided to shoot them while standing around in Djehan Kidd’s space cocoon, which is a cool scifi mesh skybox that comes in pg or adult versions.

Anyway, that’s it!  I had an entry I wanted to spend talking about the potential of SL to rule the world, but I’ll talk about that next time!

Mechanical Heart

  • Suit:  Bloody Mess – Overall Greaser (Unisex)
  • Hair: Exile – Crazy In Love (Maroon)
  • Skin:  Pink Fuel – Harley 05 (Rare)
  • Eyeshadow (bottom layer) : Chelle – Moon Dust (Micah)
  • Eyeshadow (top layer):  Chelle – Sparkling Eyeshadows (Pink)
  • Eyeliner: [ a.e.meth ] – Essential Eyeliners 5
  • Cheek Tat: [ a.e.meth ] – Daughter of North Theatrical Makeup (Cheek, tintable)
  • Gloves: MetaTheodora – VESPERS Cyber Gauntlets
  • Earrings: Baubles! – Byzantine Earrings
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