So you want to get drawn?

I'll Take Care Of You

Another commission! I’m on a roll!

This weekend is dedicated to work, so if you’ve got the money and want a portrait, here’s what it will cost you:

10USD for a bust. This is a picture of your shoulders up, not much going on but a nice expression of your face.
20USD for more detail like the composition above. If you want your picture to tell a story, it takes more time to draw and color in that detail, which is why I ask for twice as much.
50USD for even more detail than that. If you want a picture of yourself walking away from an exploding car and women all at your feet and cash falling from the heavens and onlookers pointing and saying how cool you are, this is how much it will cost for me to illustrate that.

Once your picture is done, you get:
– A non-watermarked copy of your picture on a 2LI canvas and as a regular texture to keep,
– A hi-res image of the picture emailed to you, if you want to print it out.

I retain the rights to the picture, but you can pay to own the rights if you’d like. I would recommend this for anyone who has a sort of “famous” avatar, who wants to make a little money through selling tshirts of their av on their blog.

If you don’t buy the rights, though, it’s possible your design will end up being sold at my in-grid (and rl) store as a nice design for a tshirt.

Interested? Contact Aemeth Lysette, either with an IM or notecard. Thanks!

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