Yesterday, Strawberry Singh posted a challenge to create a Second Life-related haiku.  Because I used to make these up all the time as a kid, I decided this was a great idea.

There are a couple here I’ve made that are either SL or Plurk-based:

“Why are you named Cake?”
Because you asked. It sticks with
You. You’ll remember.

The windlight gives the store a
Nice look–except when I turn
East. Then my eyes burn.

Gogo asks for new things.
I say, “I’ll start right now.”
Then I never do it.

Get a new plurk emote!
I’m sick of seeing the same one.
There are plenty out there.

This dress is so cute!
Oh, it’s cheap too. I’ll buy it.
…fuck. Shoulda demo’d.

No, you’re not all tired
of the same Secrets, since you’re
still discussing it.

Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

Photo taken at Juicy Cafe.


  1. Wonderful! Can I have the dress one tattooed on my forehead? *facepalms*

  2. Sian said:

    The one about the demo is so very, very true.

  3. Oh wow, you are really good at these! Love the demo one too, made me laugh! Thanks for participating.

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