After some time of bah-humbug-ing and fighting with it, I finally got my Tangos to fit me correctly.  I have been part of the camp of SL that didn’t buy into the Lola Tangos rush right away, because I wasn’t sure if they were going to stick around.

Also, I admit to turning up my nose at their use.  So many avatars strap these on and blow up their size, that they looked unappealing to me.  But then I was like, wait a sec Aem, why the hell are you so snippy about that?

Have you seen this headline on Jezebel?  I don’t have a problem with their use of the word “slut”, I just think it’s interesting.  Womanhood, as it is also imitated on the grid, has us girls balancing between two worlds: we like to look a little racy, but, like, not too racy you guys, or else that’s total sluthood.  While there are users that don’t care, I have generally noticed the majority of my friendlist, bloggers, and plurkers straddling the fine line between not being a stick in the mud, and not looking like you cost 2L an hour.  Even virtually, we are so aware of our image as women and reminded that we must not enjoy our bodies too much, that we still check ourselves with prim and mesh attachments.

That same attitude was then applied to Lolas.  Before I went to buy a pair, I asked my friends what they thought of it.  My friends asked their friends.  Other designers I was friends with on plurk asked their friends, too.  Everyone wanted a consensus: do we like this?  Are we going to judge each other if we strap on a pair of fake boobs?  Hey, you guys don’t think I’m a whore if I do that, right?

Then here comes the female user we’re okay with, who buys one despite anyone’s opinion and goes, “Hey guys, these are great!”  We’re sure she’s not a slut, so then we figure we’re cool if we buy one too.

It wasn’t exactly that superficial of a train of thought, but that basic fear does run through every woman’s mind, and dictates what we buy on the grid.  Honestly, it’s bullshit.  We shouldn’t be treating ourselves that way.

That aside, I had an issue with the size of my Tangos–I don’t like them gigantic.  As you can see in the picture, I managed to get them to a shape to where it sags a little.  If you want to buy Tangos still, my advice is to just let the very end of them stick out of where your chest is, and then tilt them forward a little with some editing, so they don’t look unrealistically perky.

Today’s picture was taken at the Rust sim, btw.  Go visit it!

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