First things first!  I promise to get to the second part of the Opensim tutorial soon.  I am very intent on building my personal Drug Cartel Slash Super Cute Island, and that dream will not be deferred by silly real-life things, like, moving to some cute Mexican subdivision (guys, my new rl house is so cute I could die).

Gonna pimp out Juicy Cafe again here, by giving you some notices:

  • I, like probably everyone else on the grid ever, have the What Next Trailer set.  Gogo featured it here.  She wondered how long it was going to stay up.  Well, I say forever, because that shit was not cheap.  I love it to death though, and think it’s worth every penny to buy, so I’m going to use the hell out of it.  You can find it at the Juicy Cafe for your picture/blogging needs.  Snap away!
  • Speaking of the cafe, I’m like the janitor slash manager slash art procurer there?  So, if you want a showcase or to hold a party, lemme know.  I can set up balloons and cute stuff for you.  And now suddenly I got the vague longing to have an in-grid version of a Chuck-E-Cheese-like automated band to decorate with there too, but that brings back too many childhood memories. LET’S MOVE ON.
  • We are going to redecorate soon, so if you’re one the handful that likes to come by and enjoy the cute and quiet settings, you can expect some new cute and quiet settings soon.

Now, my main point: If you have been looking for the Fairfield house from the last Arcade event, I have it for sale.  You can find it on the table at the front of the cafe.  How much is it going for, you ask?


Haha!  …No, I’m actually asking 1k for it.  If that’s cheap enough for you, pop on over and get it.  I have a feeling that, much like the Ohmai spice rack that I still get offers for(!), the PILOT dollhouses will be fetching good sales for a while to come.

Hope everyone’s enjoying their week!  I’ll write another post soon.  I’m still finding my identity as a blogger, so if there’s something you want me to talk about, feel free to ask.

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