Special Edition Skin for Alli for 100L

My best wishes to Voshie’s cat! I hope the money donated from SL will help.

La Petite Morte

This is gonna be a bit wordy but please bear with me.

I’m sure you are asking who Alli is, let me introduce you to her.

for alli

Alli (short for Alligator) is our beloved kitty. She’s a lil hellion but when she’s in the mood to give lovings, there’s no one better than she is. She’s always been a daddy’s girl, and in fact picked out my boyfriend when we had gone to visit the Humane Society. We had gone JUST to look (according to bf), and what happens? He ends up falling in love. She was already on hold for someone else but it was destiny that my boyfriend and Alli were to be together. We were next on the list for her, and as soon as the adoption fell through we ran to get her. It was a big adjustment for our (MY) kitty to accept the new little…

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