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Cozy Beach

It’s the summer, and you can’t find a beach to take pictures at.  If this sounds like you, give my little parcel a try.

Cozy Beach is a parcel on the Juicybomb sim designated for sitting around and getting a sunburn.  Also, you could take pictures if you wanted to.

All I ask is that you not try to have sex there or be an ass to other people.

You can visit Cozy Beach here.


Juicy Cafe Arcade Yard Sale

Hey, Juicy Residents!  Want an adorable place to sell your stuff?  Consider plunking down your wares at one of our tables!  They are free to use with membership at the Juicybomb sim.

1. To be eligible, you must be a Juicy tenant.  If you are, please message Aemeth Lysette for access to this special rez group.
2.  Don’t be a jerk. Please don’t grief or harass other tenants. If you have a problem with rezzing items, contact Aemeth Lysette and she’ll help!
3.  Each tenant gets 25 prims to rez with. If your stuff is too primmy, pack it in a box first.
4. You can set out non-arcade stuff, but make sure it’s cute.  No distracting, loud, or bright objects, please.  If you can’t rez it at your store, you can’t rez it here either.
5.  Do not rez your own store items at the gatcha area.  That’s what your store is for.  If we find your own gatchas in the yard sale area, they will be returned without question.
6.  You can sell your items for as little or as much as you’d like.

If we find items that break the rules, we will return them with no questions asked. Please be nice!

Click here to visit!

Dear Ionic

The owner of Ionic sent out this message today in response to the uproar over them selling art that isn’t theirs. As someone who used to totally be in love with Ionic Collective, this disappointed me a lot. So, let’s talk about what they’ve said:

Hello guys….

I have some problems with *ionic* store because I am a thief and bad person… even I deserve go to jail.
Yes.. that is what is going on all around plurk, blogs etc…. Elysium Hynes, Cyclic Gearz, Amelie knelstrom, Arora Zanzibar are one of the persons who started this.

But let me tell you, that I never pretended to steal making posters or tees of indie bands. I just wanted to bring those bands to people, as I play those covers on my live band ENGRAMA.
Also all the drawings on wall’s houses, on cabinets or frames… are collages mixing my own drawings and graphic design with part of other drawings I found over there. When you use just a part of a piece and mix it with other parts from different pieces, you create a new piece, and this is called collage in art concept.

I know I maybe used some images like the tees that are obviously not collages… but I never pretenede to be a thief and steal money to Sonic Youth, Joy Division etc… My reason to make those tee bands was that lot of pple was asking me ” hey lakua make indie bands tees”

Without even talk to me, the owner of Lazy Sunday ejected me from her group. And one thing you should know is that we used to talk often… because she is also blogger of my event The Chapter Four, and seemed to be so nice with me… until she ejecte me and some friend sent me a link of plurk and I realized what kind of person she is.

She even made joke about my RL economy situation (wich is private part of my life and nobody has to know if I am poor or not) They said that is not excuse to be a thief and well… they start making pression on Home & Garden owners and they also kick me out just today.

The owner of Home & Garden didnt want to eject me (I have chat IM but I never share private conversations)
But as those pple didnt stop bothering her it was the best to do for a Charity event….

Anyway… from today, I removed all the indie band posters, frames, tees, blazers… everything is out. Now all the images you will find are totally mine or with artist permision wich are RL friends.
We didnt made this because we are afraid or we feel we are a thief… we make this because we realized we can have an amazing store also without any images…. so in some way I am thanks for this because now I am selling my RL pics (cause I am RL photographer) and my graphic designs and the ones of my friends too.

I offered my friends an exchange… I sell their stuff as drawings or desings and I drop a NC on the item so pple can visit the blog or website of this art.

I am so sorry if you feel disapointed of *ionic* but I insist my reasson to use indie bands was just to pple know those bands and enjoy having a poster from their fav bands on their houses. I never made it thinking I am making something ilegal… I thought If you create a new images with a lot of images, this becomes a unique image. But maybe Im wrong….

I just wanted to share with all of you because I feel so attack everywhere and I need my group know what is going on.

Thanks so much for all the support! If you missed the indie stuff, I am giving all the items for free: blazers, tees, posters… I will drop all on a box and I think im not breaking law if I gift my group those stuff….

As someone who makes a partial living from selling artwork, I can explain to you why what you did was wrong.

See, artists don’t really make a lot.  Unless your name (was) Thomas Kinkade or is James Jean, you aren’t doing a lot in the way of selling licensed art like hotcakes.  Your profits from work don’t roll in, as much as they do trickle–and what you do get probably helps out with bills and the like.  And if you’re like every other artist out there, you have a lot.

Artists survive on image to market their work.  We like to pretend we’re doing really well for ourselves.  Tilted pictures of galleries and oversaturated Instagram images from our fan-laden timelines help with that image.  In reality, though, we’re just people holding on to a dream, making just as much as someone at a retail job, but we work twice as hard at snagging customers.  There are many times when art sales will feed you for a brief interval, rather than providing you with a schnazzy wardrobe.

So when you steal art, yes.  You are sometimes literally taking food out of someone’s mouth.

This is the outrage many people should experience when they see ripped art on the grid.  But I think because so many don’t value art as much, or they think it’s easy for artists to just whip up something and make a lot of money from it, they don’t get why it truly is stealing when someone sells art they don’t have permission to.  What you think is spreading awareness, is denying someone money they actually need.  They made it, not you.  If they don’t give you permission to stick it on a tshirt, then you shouldn’t be selling the shirt.

Now you think, “Hey, calm yourself.  I’m not even making that much.”  But check out those events you’re enrolling in and selling these items at.  How much bank have you made so far?  The last big event I threw, I made about thirty dollars in cosmetics sales.  That’s not the thousands of dollars you’d probably think would be a big deal, but what if someone stole thirty dollars in artwork from you?  You’d want to beat the crap out of that person to make them give it back.

Now that I’ve explained why stealing art is wrong, let’s go over some of the finer points of your letter:

” hey lakua make indie bands tees”

Just because someone asks you to make band tee, doesn’t mean they ask you to steal one.  Make up a parody band and stick it on a shirt.

Also all the drawings on wall’s houses, on cabinets or frames… are collages mixing my own drawings and graphic design with part of other drawings I found over there. When you use just a part of a piece and mix it with other parts from different pieces, you create a new piece, and this is called collage in art concept.

No, it’s called appropriation, and it’s possible for appropriation of licensed images to get you in trouble.

Now we think you’ll quit selling the stuff because you’ve learned by now, but…

If you missed the indie stuff, I am giving all the items for free: blazers, tees, posters… I will drop all on a box and I think im not breaking law if I gift my group those stuff….

I guess you haven’t.

And let’s talk about this:

Yes.. that is what is going on all around plurk, blogs etc…. Elysium Hynes, Cyclic Gearz, Amelie knelstrom, Arora Zanzibar are one of the persons who started this

Why exactly are you listing off names like that?  I love when someone’s who’s been proven guilty of ripping art lists the person who blew the whistle, as if they’re supposed to be avenged.  It shows how immature they are.

Hey, I have an idea–add my name to that list.  I’m a fabulous troll when I want to be, and I could care less if someone gives me flack for standing up for art.  The artists of this world don’t get enough attention and respect, and it’s because of people like you that they don’t.

And if we all took a stand against ripping, what would you do then?

We're gonna have a beach party, y'all.

While you’re super-bored this Memorial Day, come party with us.

Juicy Cafe is holding a beach party this Monday at 7pm SLT. The cafe will be open, as well as an adjacent beach area for you to chill at.

Swimwear is suggested. We’ll be playing dance, house, dubstep, and remixes.

See you there!

I'll Take Care Of You

Another commission! I’m on a roll!

This weekend is dedicated to work, so if you’ve got the money and want a portrait, here’s what it will cost you:

10USD for a bust. This is a picture of your shoulders up, not much going on but a nice expression of your face.
20USD for more detail like the composition above. If you want your picture to tell a story, it takes more time to draw and color in that detail, which is why I ask for twice as much.
50USD for even more detail than that. If you want a picture of yourself walking away from an exploding car and women all at your feet and cash falling from the heavens and onlookers pointing and saying how cool you are, this is how much it will cost for me to illustrate that.

Once your picture is done, you get:
– A non-watermarked copy of your picture on a 2LI canvas and as a regular texture to keep,
– A hi-res image of the picture emailed to you, if you want to print it out.

I retain the rights to the picture, but you can pay to own the rights if you’d like. I would recommend this for anyone who has a sort of “famous” avatar, who wants to make a little money through selling tshirts of their av on their blog.

If you don’t buy the rights, though, it’s possible your design will end up being sold at my in-grid (and rl) store as a nice design for a tshirt.

Interested? Contact Aemeth Lysette, either with an IM or notecard. Thanks!

Second Life and Plurk had its period this week. The grid was all wonky for days on end, and meanwhile everyone was busy making posts on Plurk about how much they hated each other.  As the weekend rolls around, and we’re still screaming and throwing tampons across the room, let’s reflect on the overarching theme of most of our disagreements: people who have gained some sort of notoriety on the grid, who open their mouth to express an opinion and cause an earthquake and slaughter millions in doing so.

It can be kind of hard to separate the person who designs what you buy, from the object you are buying. In some cases, they might do something so irritating, you can refuse to shop at their store again. Other times, you’re just like, “Dude, I like your stuff, but you’re kind of an ass.” It’s your business what you do, and you’re free to pick either path as a solution to your personal outrage.

But sometimes, it’s not the designer, but you who needs to chill out. How do you figure where to draw the line–hate the designer, or the designer and the product? Or neither? Or just go walk away from the computer and smoke a cig to calm down? Have a beer? Wtf idk?

So here are some thoughts on what SL designers are never going to be, like, ever:

1. They aren’t a doctor.

Even if they are employed in the medical field away from the grid, they can’t just dole out information online and it takes the place of you going to see a physician for medical advice. Never take some internet person’s opinions on anything health-related as something written in stone. If you have a health-related issue, go see a doctor irl. And stop worrying about what some “SL-famous” person’s influence on others would be, just because they believe in home remedies or Chinese medicine or whatever else.  Anyone who would accept that as their life-saving advice and never see a doctor for what’s wrong with them, is a very stupid person.

2. They don’t always have the same views as you.

Once, back when we were all deciding between Obama and Romney for president, a hair designer I really like spoke up on her plurk timeline on behalf of Romney. At first I was like, “Omg how dare she!”. Then I realized she was a human being and she could vote for whoever she wanted. No hairs from her store were thrown away that day, and I didn’t ruin my evening being outraged at her lack of liking the same politician I did.

3. They are not excusable in their actions, just because they’re talented.

Anyone who tells you they’re an asshole just because they can make things really well, or acts as if this fact is true, is full of shit and needs to learn some manners. Full stop. Everyone should be treated with respect, and if a designer can’t learn this, they’ll learn by the amount of customers they’ll end up losing over time.

4. They don’t have endless patience, either.

No one is, honestly. Me, personally, if I tell someone something over and over and they don’t get it, I become very sarcastic. Manners are important, but everyone’s got their bad days. And if you badger someone or keep irking them on a point, don’t expect them to keep smiling at you and treating you nicely. Eventually, they’ll tell you to shove off.

5. They don’t need you to be their zombie.

Don’t kiss up to designers. Yeah, I said it. Nobody needs that. It’s cool to like someone for something they make, but really–you know those armies of people who support someone who’s a jackass, because they think if they do, they’ll get free stuff? Don’t be that person, okay? It makes you look pathetic.

We’re all adults, and it’s generally true that we were all taught to think with our own minds.  Not everyone is perfect, so when you have a disagreement with someone who just happens to own a store in SL, take a step back and look at the situation objectively.

And try not to think of what they do for a living in-grid at all.  If Second Life were to pull to the plug tomorrow, none of it would mean anything.

Sugar Girls

Sweet Fashion from Sweet Girls

Lazy Designers

Not actually lazy, just busy.

Bluebird's Song

an excuse for me to shop & indulge in vanity photos