They didn’t know it at the time

This note was sent from the owner of Underdogs this morning, after my post was both amended and two other offending items were added.  I thought this was over and done with, but the tone of the note moves me to post and address it:

So i get woken up with my designer freaking out for what u did on that post making us seem like we do that stuff on purpose.Its hard to find free designs nowadays she probly mistaken with that one I hate selling things that are copyrighted myself but how am i supposed to know these things? Instead of throwing us under the bridge and trying to ruin our reputation really hurts me and all the hard work i have put into my store to support my team and including my rl. You couldve just said hey that shirt is copyrighted i would gladly remove it. I am really hurt that you would do that I dont even know you. The designer that did that shirt took hours and hours tryin to make sure the shirts she pulled out were non copyrighted but instead of shooting bombs at us u can tell us but no. You had to do that to us. I am removing that shirt imediately, I dont appreciate what you did not sure if you are trying to get at us either way i dont want any trouble or drama like this for my store. I didnt open a store to have ppl like u tryin to ruin us. So i will personally ask you to please tell me next time instead of telling ur sl friends. You have no idea how hard it is for us why do u think we mostly sell clothing with no designs on it? cause we dont like the copyrighting stuff either, so please cut us a break. That shirt is being removed right now.. We dont deserve this kinda hate we work hard. Im sorry you feel the way you do but you think we did it on purpose but thats the last thing we would ever do. So i hope you can understand us. I am not asking you to remove that post or anything but Just please stop next time come to me tell me whats up. Instead of disrespecting me.

Ruining the reputation of someone who didn’t care they were stealing in the first place. Nice!

Here’s my thing:  it’s disrespect what you’re doing.  Pretty sure you knew a shirt had copyrighted info on it when you saw the words HBO or the Breaking Bad character’s face on the design, right?

What really appalls me is when someone does something like this, and then instead of being called out for it, they want the whistle-blower to settle it with them quietly.  Well, no, you were quite adamant in wanting to sell the original product.  Had I been an advocate in buying it instead of wanting it taken down, would you then want me to tell all of your friends?

I’m also surprised at the victimizing here.  Suddenly I am a bully for revealing this, instead of illustrating a point at how many knew these shirts had stolen IP, but didn’t care and bought them anyway.

*As of this posting, neither design has been pulled from the Marketplace.

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