Stop ripping art from the internet for your mesh clothes, idiots

Edit: What a twist!  This design has been traced aaaall the way back to this legit vector design source.  Fabulous!  I apologize for this particular design mistakenly being labeled as ripped.  However–this store still deals out other designs that I know no one could have possibly given them license to sell.  The post and the message remains.lolrip

Is it seriously that hard to go pay some SL artist for a design, or offer to split profits with them?  I found this gem replurked by another designer, and decided to do some digging.  That design looked awfully professional…

And it turns out it’s a recolored design from Skreened.  Seriously?  You didn’t even try that hard.

Even as I pointed this out, the responses for this design were still all along the lines of “Dude lol imma buy dat” and “OMG AWESUM!!!”

Do artists in SL even need to make an effort to stay original in their designs, or what?  It kind of seems like the general public doesn’t care when designs are not original for clothing.

At the same time, we like original mesh templates, and will turn up our nose if we find a designer using a legitimately-purchased template from someone like, I dunno.  Meli Imako.

So–ripped art okay, legit-purchased mesh templates not okay?  What’s going on here, SL?  You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  1. George said:

    Cake, you are such a wonderful inspiration to me. Every day I wake up, I tell myself I am such a lucky person for having met you. Will you marry me? I’m really only asking this to get some free makeups from you, but I’m sure the additional free services I can offer you as your personal, undyingly dedicated assistant will make up for such a burdensome request.

    Please think it over. I’m sending some beautiful, low-impact mesh roses I discovered on the marketplace along with this request, and a note of the same just in case you didn’t see this yet.

    Forever yours and awaiting your artistically genius reply,

    • Aemeth said:

      Hi George! I am so flattered to see a comment like this on my blog. I don’t know what to say. I already have a ruggedly handsome boyfriend, so I’m not sure where you’d fit into that picture. Would you settle for being my sancha?

      Sure, free makeup for all of my friends anyway. I’ll hook you up.


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