Say Something

Say Something

Everybody’s got an opinion–I ought to know, I work for someone who’s pretty outspoken about what she purchases and reviews.  I’ve always valued directness in truth, and letting someone know up front what’s wrong.  It’s the shortest way to reach a solution.

But here’s my thing right now: there are a lot of mesh heads being released.  Lots of enthusiasm.  That’s great. I also see a lot of negative feedback, across the board about every head, that isn’t constructive–it’s just snark.

Everyone has the right to say what they think.  But when there’s just plain pointing and laughing, there’s something wrong.

My advice to the latter: if you want to see change, suggest what to fix. This is new territory.  Have you noticed each mesh head creator is approaching this new medium in their own way?  Some of us are using fullbright textures to animate our heads; others don’t believe in resizing.  There’s a variation in how heads animate when the user speaks, while some are frozen in their expression, as a more dollish interpretation.

It’s all a means of problem-solving: what would a new mesh head look like, if we could take LL’s avatar design into our own hands?

So, if you can help answer this question, that would be great.  Don’t just post a bitchy gif in response to what you see, say why you don’t like it.  It would be more meaningful.

Avatar: [ a.e.meth ] Doll Mesh Hybrid Av @ Skin Fair

Top:  Bilo – Chandramukhi (Orange)

Earrings: Yummy – Observation Earrings

Hair: Exile – Rivers Run (Raven)

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