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This happened a few months ago(?I think) but check it out!  I now reside at the Juicybomb sim.

Next to the store is a cute house you can relax at.  I don’t have a bed there, so no idea where you’d go for those adult poses, sorry.

Cozy Beach


If you see me working, just say hi!   I’m usually in my house posing or editing makeup.  Feel free to take pictures, too.

Have a great day!


Yesterday, Gogo of Juicybomb made a post featuring a video of her swimming around in mermaid attire.  I thought it was cool and wondered if there was a way to add to that effect.

I’ve been messing around with pinhole cameras lately, and got the idea today to create a mod for my ipod camera.  Following advice from this blog post, I took a piece of cardboard, stuck a pin through it, and taped it to my camera to experiment.  Why not try it out on Second Life images as well as real ones?

Once you mod your camera, hold the phone up to your computer screen.  You can either create a fresh snapshot while logged into the grid, or do a retake of a photo already saved.

Here is a shot from Gogo’s mermaid post, re-taken by me:


I ran it through a filter after letting a bunch of light leak into my picture. It turns out grainy, but I welcomed any errors.

Landscapes gave a far more eerie feeling with the cardboard mod.  Look at these photos I took from Gogo’s shots of Juicybomb and and her Around The World picture:

Pinhole Test


Imagine what you can do with this–add tape, paint over the tape lightly, spill coffee on it to create a neat filter, and put that on to a piece of cardboard with a hole poked through it.  You can take all sorts of neat photos–not just irl, but in SL too.  They don’t have to be as grainy as mine (just change the focus of the picture by highlighting a portion of your screen with your finger, and the light will adjust on your ipod), nor do they need to be as experimental.

But for those looking for something new, there’s an idea!

One more thing–video.  I remixed Gogo’s mermaid video from yesterday.  No music, just the sound of a camera rolling, and a very vague image of her there:


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