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Some Secrets Can Kill

Mock movie thingie brought about from an awkward shot.

I love Pixlr so much.

I couldn’t bear to crop this, so click the picture for full size.


Right after Summer Beauty happened, I got swept up in an rl adventure that ended up with me accomplishing something big and totally neglecting in-world stuff.  I apologize to all of the Summer Beauty Drag Contest participants, as this entry is long overdue.

The fab five, who were awesome enough to enter.

We had a great little group of entries for the Summer Beauty Drag Contest, which I was really impressed with the lineup.  Not only did the contestants put thought into their makeup, but some also put a lot of thought into their shape.  If I were judging on shape alone, I would declared someone else the winner; instead, that woman got second place for her amazing work and thoughtful, complementary makeup choices.

To The Victor(ia), Goes The Spoils

The winner and runner-up pose for a picture.  Both excellent entries.

But our winner for Miss Summer Beauty was Jaqualine Rembranch! And thanks to her, for waiting so long for me to talk about the contest and spotlighting her.

When the pageant ended, there was initially some questions about my choice.  Why Jaqualine?  What did she do that I was specifically looking for?

Jaqueline looked the closest to a real life drag queen.

It’s easy for anyone to dress as Rupaul as an easy way out of the answer to good drag, which is why I disqualified drag skins for the pageant.  You give contestants that, and you will get a line of Rupauls (not that there’s anything wrong with Rupaul).  While I was looking for someone who was going to make the big, flashy makeup choices, I also wanted them to look like what drag queens do irl–men, in theatre, as women.

When you see a drag queen in real life, you will look at them at least twice.  You marvel at how put together they are.  You notice the makeup, their jewelry, everything.  Their personality, their movements.  And then you see the elements of them that are male, yet not, all at once.  It’s a great fusion that I wanted to see in Second Life, emulated.

Jaqualine is a male, under the makeup.  Look at her picture, see it in her eyes.  Somewhere, something intangible speaks of masculinity (just don’t look at her cleavage).  The rest of her, is transformation and illusion.  It was exactly what I was looking for, so that’s why she won.

Despite Jaqualine winning, deciding who got first place was still a hard decision to make.   I seriously want to commend everyone who entered the contest.  Not only do you have my thanks, but I was beyond thrilled to see just general excitement over a drag contest getting attention in Second Life.

So, let’s have more of those, right?  SL is a place of unlimited imagination.  That means endless amounts of glitter and illusion, too.

Visit our winner’s photostream by clicking here, and enjoy the photography.

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