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Tyler The Creator

Finally done. You can find it on Society6.

They won’t be done right away, but I am taking requests for other singers/celebrities to draw. Right now, I’m thinking: Nicki Minaj, maybe early-career Eminem, Jack Nance (the guy from Eraserhead), and Rihanna.

I don’t want to be the type of artist who just draws celebrities and nothing else, but I do enjoy drawing portraits a lot.

Stickers of this portrait will be available soon.



Fashionably Dead

(Scroll down for the tl;dr if you don’t want to read the whole review.)

I totally said I was going to blog this skin, and then real life came along and was like, “Nuh-uh, gurl.  You need to pay attention to me right now.”    I’m sorry to anyone who was looking forward to this  review, I really did mean to post this sooner.

The skin I’m wearing is Koki-Teno, from Fashionably Dead‘s new skin line.  I’m pretty excited for this because of several changes to the FD style.  I have always liked hand-drawn skins; it’s no surprise an artist would be.  I enjoy looking at how people draw faces, rather than photosource and blend them into a skin.

So, there are several improvements to this skin, as compared to the last one.  I bought FD’s Winter series a bit ago.  What I saw was a sort of struggle to improve the line with darker shading around the eyes and mouth, while rendering a more realistic face.  I’m not sure what happened between that skin and this one–I suspect there were some ‘failure’ skins that may never see the light of day, but improvements may have been made upon each one, until finally this one was deemed okay for release.

What we have now, is a fleshy tone, a more realistic mouth, and less prominent brows.  The shading on the inner area of the mouth from Winter is still present, and the shape of the mouth is kind of the same.  Not gonna lie, I had to adjust my face when I put the skin on.  However, I’m not displeased with the way my shape has changed as a result.  In fact, I’ve decided to keep it.

Enough with the compliments and general review, let’s talk about usability.

There a few types of skins that I own: the kind I wear for personal enjoyment, no matter what, the kind I would make my main skin, and the type I would use for a vendor ad.  Because I sell makeup, there’s a standard for contrast that I hold to skins I wear for ads:

FD Lip Tattoo Comparisons

These are three lipsticks that offer different transparencies on skins to provide a different effect.  My Tasty Lipgloss is a candy-ish set originally meant for an old FD skin line, to blend with the lip color and provide variation.  It’s a sort of cover-gloss for skins.  Mock’s Luxe Lip Cream is a lipstick, so it’s going to have less transparency.  A.G.’s Bitten Lipstain, however, is something I consider a standard that all skins should pass–if you can’t see the texture of your skin under that lipstain, that means the skin doesn’t have enough contrast in it to be worn that often, and will certainly not do well in an ad.

You can see Koki-Teno’s lip texture through them all, so that means I can use this skin for vendors.  I’ve done so with FD skins in the past, but I just sort of wanted to show this an example I use for judging whether I want to buy a skin or not.

Why is this important?  Because when I create makeup, I do so with the intent that it can fit on many types of skins, not just one.  It’s important that a standard for contrast and shading on skins be known for this reason.  Even though Fashionably Dead is popular already, any skin becomes more functional when vendors can use it to market a product with.  Contrast in shading is a standard many vendors go by, whether they realize it or not.

I didn’t judge the body much, because I don’t use skins for much aside for walking around in and taking face shots.  I didn’t look for seams because I don’t expect any.

The only improvement to the face I would make, is more gradual shading on the cheeks, so there isn’t such a jump from light to dark shades in that area.  However, if you layer a blush tattoo over the skin, it should fix the problem.

So what’s the bottom line?

Hand-drawn skins enthusiasts will enjoy this new addition to Fashionably Dead.  Some may not want to adjust their shape as much as I have to wear the skin, which may put them off from enjoying it.  Vendors may also wear this skin as an alternative skin with showing off products.  This major change in FD’s rendering style is great, and makes me look forward to what they’ll release in the future.

TL;DR: Skin is great, may not be for everyone, good for product vendors too.  The skin pack has lots of options for a good price. You can use your current makeup tats with this skin without a problem.  Go buy it.

WIP Portrait...

Experimenting with a different style of art. The scribbly lines are from the single-line contour drawing I did at first–colors are being thrown on top. I’d like to start painting this way irl if this idea pans out.

Work is going slowly but surely…

Paying It Forward

This is not a sad story, but it’s kind of a heavy one. I approached Harlow about writing this for the Pay It Forward series she’s been doing, but after relaying my story to her, she said it would be much more effective coming from me. I write this blog in the hopes that people will learn the power of what SL can provide, and what it’s good for. For me, during this story, it did help me quite a bit through a tough time. Read More

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