Kellycrowed does not work for us, y’all.

Recently, a user named Kellycrowed/CCA Helix has been going around and posing as a CSR/blogger/whatever in order to get free stuff from people.

After noticing our site linked on their blog, we felt the need to make this announcement:

If anyone other than Aemeth Lysette tells you they are customer service for [ a.e.meth ], that person is trying to scam you. Please beware.

No one, other than Aemeth Lysette, blogs for us or anything else. We’re a one-woman show and we’re going to remain that way.

Hey, Kellycrowed–how about you genuinely make something in this game instead of piggybacking on the work of others?

Just saying.


Addendum: Possible alts of Kellycrowed, according to Gridexpectations:

megnina Resident
ladyloe Resident
benmen Resident
kellycrowed Resident
cca Helix
Katie McConageu
Ashante Texan

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