Petites Are Great, But Have A Long Way To Go

Petites Are Great, But Have A Long Way To Go


Many people have bought petite avatars because they’re awesome and different. As much as the community has grown, there’s one glaring problem that might be hindering petites from being a larger community:

A lot of stuff sucks.

A lot of items, clothing, and areas made for petites suck. I don’t want to drop names because I really do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I’m sure some customers have come upon a large amount of petite things that are pretty sub-par.

I think this is for a few reasons:

1. New designers are jumping into the fray to make clothing/items/whatever, and don’t have enough experience to know what looks good in a store and what doesn’t.
2. Too much full-bright shit. It’s ugly. Stop it.
3. The layout of some petite areas are poor, have bad textures and colors, and look like they’re from 2005.
4. Poor store logo and ad design. Everyone starts somewhere, but there’s a difference between beginner design and shit that makes your eyes hurt.
5. Rampant use of templates and obvious photosourcing when it comes to clothes. Some stores I’m actually afraid to buy from, because I wonder where they got those jean and shirt textures from.

When petites first debuted, there was a big need to provide a variety of products, to convince new customers to invest. Now that we have a bit more of a community going, can we please get some better products too?


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