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Petites Are Great, But Have A Long Way To Go


Many people have bought petite avatars because they’re awesome and different. As much as the community has grown, there’s one glaring problem that might be hindering petites from being a larger community:

A lot of stuff sucks.

A lot of items, clothing, and areas made for petites suck. I don’t want to drop names because I really do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I’m sure some customers have come upon a large amount of petite things that are pretty sub-par.

I think this is for a few reasons:

1. New designers are jumping into the fray to make clothing/items/whatever, and don’t have enough experience to know what looks good in a store and what doesn’t.
2. Too much full-bright shit. It’s ugly. Stop it.
3. The layout of some petite areas are poor, have bad textures and colors, and look like they’re from 2005.
4. Poor store logo and ad design. Everyone starts somewhere, but there’s a difference between beginner design and shit that makes your eyes hurt.
5. Rampant use of templates and obvious photosourcing when it comes to clothes. Some stores I’m actually afraid to buy from, because I wonder where they got those jean and shirt textures from.

When petites first debuted, there was a big need to provide a variety of products, to convince new customers to invest. Now that we have a bit more of a community going, can we please get some better products too?


Welcome To The Show

I’ve been up to a lot lately, right?  There was that joke that went viral and the festival everyone is currently enjoying.  Today I wanted to reveal some backstage notes about what I’ve been up to, and talk about creativity in general.

First thing–Summer Beauty (which, if you don’t know, runs from the 1st-25th of May and features tons of gorgeous makeup! /plug).  From the moment it opened, it was a success, and I’m thankful for all the designers that have participated.  Although I’ve coordinated things in SL before, I’ll admit now that this is my first shopping event I’ve put together, ever.  And every day I log on, I get compliments about how much people have enjoyed it!

So, a big thank you to Gogo for her consultation and reminding me of important things to do to make it all work, thank you to everyone for visiting and supporting Summer Beauty, and thank you to all the designers for getting into the spirit and decorating their stalls in such a lively manner.  Everything came together perfectly and I couldn’t have done it without any of you.

What’s With The Masks?

Some of you have noticed two masks at the very end of the festival strip, near the fortune-telling booth.  What’s with that?  I can tell you, the masks–and part of the festival, period–was a way for me to test my store heading in a more fantastical direction.  I’ve been doing more mainstream work for a while, and I wanted to split things off and define my store as a more expressive place for customers to enjoy.  This doesn’t mean makeup production will cease, it means the store will also offer some costume and experimental items for visitors to purchase.

Later on this week, you should see more masks appearing on the grounds.  I hope you enjoy them!  Feel free to give me feedback on them as well.  I’ve already gotten a specific requests for more of them, so I think I’m doing the right thing currently.  And, thanks for buying them!  I’ve noticed a lot of people getting into it.

Extracting What I’ve Learned

Summer Beauty kicked off just as I was taking final exams at my university.  One thing I promised myself once the festival began, was to tackle my rl art projects once my schedule cleared a bit.  This summer is perfect for that.

Currently stacked on my desk, are several books about sequential art, and sketchbooks with notes and studies.  I’ve been script-writing here and there, researching wood-carving and reading the news, and discussing ideas with close friends to see if my ideas are on the right track.

What am I doing?  A graphic novel I’ve been planning for a long time.  I don’t know how long the series’ll be, but it’s probably going to be in black and white to ease my workload.  Because of my interests in politics and mythology, the two will be married to serve the theme.  I’ve painted these ideas and sold them before, so the interest is definitely there.

Second Life has taught me a lot about creativity and self-promotion.  When I first began selling makeup in SL, it was after I suffered a serious financial loss irl due to a business mistake.  Had I joined this game and learned the ropes before then, I think I wouldn’t have made those decisions.  But–you live and you learn, and I have definitely learned.

I won’t be absent from this game, just taking what I’ve learned from the grid and applying it to real life.  I’ve always believed in a balance of real and virtual activity, so.. here goes my pursuit of getting more into the former again.

Wish me luck–and now, here are credits for the picture.

[ a.e.meth ] – Fox Mask (Gold) – on right hand
cheLLe – Masquerade (Black)
Izzie’s – Velvet Blazer White
Lamb – Stereo (Honeycomb Root)
Schadenfraude – Papa Corbeau Hat (edited to include makeup items from Tres Blah and Kozmetika)
Envious – Circus Act Suit

Music: Crystal Castles – Magic Tricks

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