“But what is there to do in Second Life?”

Goofing Off

Well, you can start off by selling shit for money.

Someone asked me this like two days ago.  They were new, and I kind of had to fight the urge to tell them a million things that I would have wanted someone tell me when I started this game.  What’s the biggest thing people ask, though, when they come here?

“What do you DO here?”

Sell shit!  That’s my answer.  Did you know you can draw out bill and beer money from this game, just by selling pixelated stuff?

I know it doesn’t sound much, but get this–I haven’t put money into Second Life in about two years.  The land tier I pay for, the clothes I buy, the money I spend on myself irl, all funded by cash I amassed just from creating items and putting them up for sale.

For me, this game is ideal for someone who wants to learn how to run a business and what you should do to keep it successful.

Or, you can go run around shooting zombies for fun.  There’s that too.

Makeup credits, in terms of bottom layer building to top:
1. [ a.e.meth ] – Daughter of North Theatrical Makeup (eye + cheek)
2. CheLLe – Mix and Match Naturals (Inner – Dark Blue)
3. CheLLe – Mix and Match (Outer – Pink)
4. CheLLe – Sparkling Eyeshadow (Blue)
5. CheLLe – Adele Eyeliner (Coal)


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