Juicy Cafe

Juicy Cafe

So I’m back in SL now (laptop was on a death spiral so I had to limit SL time for a bit), and the first thing I want to tell you about is this awesome place–Juicy Cafe.  It’s so pink you’ll squee and possibly have a conniption fit.

Juicy Cafe is a place you can go to relax, attend music events sometimes, or come by when we’re hosting game nights.  We’re photo and blog friendly, and we love builders who just like to sit in a corner and–(ahem)–test makeup quietly while enjoying their surroundings.

We’re not exactly an everyday social place–nobody has the energy for it, and we like places like the Pixel Bean anyway.  We’re a designer/blogger/happy person’s home away from home–when you want somewhere to go, a quiet place to talk, or maybe your region is restarting and you don’t want to end up at an infohub or something.

You should visit it because:

  • I built it*
  • It’s pretty
  • I built it
  • It’s got a cute little tea set at the bar, and everything is as pink as possible
  • I built it
  • It’s like right smack dab in the middle of a bunch of shops.  Spent all your money at Juicy?  Go spend some more at the other 7 connected sims!  Everyone’ll love you for it!
  • I built it.  And that’s like the best part about this.

* meaning I decorated it, but you get what I’m saying.

Visit Juicy Cafe!

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