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I’m trying to get shadows to work, this is what I managed to get for today.  … This isn’t quite it, is it?

You know, I think SL needs to make it easier for people to activate shadows.  This game is great and all, but half the reason people tend to quit playing is because a lot of things in Second Life are so difficult.  The learning curve is difficult, the assimilation into the game culture here is difficult.. there are more reasons for people to leave, than there are for them to stay.  Don’t get me wrong–this game is gorgeous and I love playing it, but Linden Labs has a long way to go to making this grid user friendly.

Today I found a new skin store I hope sticks around–KOOQLA, which I think might be using an Eloh template and building off of it with a unique face (I say this because of the mouth shape and the dimples I’m finding at the corners).  The makeup is imaginative and the shading is strong.  It’s going to take a bit for the artist to get their shading more flesh-friendly, but I like the ideas they’re taking to rendering.

We need more hand-drawn artists out there, I don’t care what anyone says!  Good job, KOOQLA.


Skin – KOOQLA – TYGI (Mist)

Dress – Magoa – Brigadier Dress

Hair – Lelutka – Biggest Hair


Jack Spoon

A bunch of people are trying to tug me over to Hangars to chill with them, so I have to make this fast!

I wanted to wear something colorful today (when don’t I?), so I decided to show off this cute Jack Spoon top. I love how vibrant it is. The shirt has seams if you get it, but to me, the print distracts you from it.

There’s been talk of seams in designs lately and yeah, sometimes people won’t buy something if it has seams in it. I skip over stuff where it’s obvious, and I’ve personally lost sales due to it too. It takes a lot of careful work to make sure prints match up (it can be a nightmare, actually), but you can get around it by airbrushing in a seamline so that it looks intentional.

But honestly?  I still have clothing from designers that do have seams, but because they’re so imaginative, if the seams aren’t really bad then I don’t mind wearing it.

I took this picture at Juicy Cafe. The bar area is my favorite, but I like the sitting room too.

Jack Spoon

Jack Spoon

Maybe I should make my Flickr pics bigger now? It was tough to edit this in Picnik, the resize option isn’t that great there.

Skin – Pink Fuel – Alyx (Candy Hearts)
Hair – Lelukta – Jolie
Top – Jack Spoon – Santana Shirt
Earrings – Glow Studio – Kurloo Earrings
Makeup – Chelle – Fruity (Strawberry)
Eyeliner – a.e.meth – Wet Eyeliner
Shorts – Secret Store – Highwaisted Shorts
Shoes – G-Field – Flower Pumps

Old Days

Aren’t these glasses cute?  They’re from Glasnost, when the store was open.  I don’t think they are anymore, which is too bad–these are nice and nerdy.  Other than Intrigue Co., I don’t know anyone who really makes oversized frames like these now.

Today I’m wearing a freebie mesh sweater from Mr. Poet, and a new makeup set from Chelle for the Festival of Sin event.  Look for the lollipop at their stand–they’re representing Gluttony!

Old Times

Sweater – Mr. Poet – Bat Sleeve Knit Coat

Makeup – Chelle – Fruity (Festival of Sin Event)

Glasses – Glasnost – Old Times Glasses

Leggings – Aoharu – Leopard Leggings (Black)

Boots – Coco – Flat Ankle Boots

Dress – Juli – Green Hoppy Power Shoulder Dress

Hair – Raspberry Aristocrat – Jess Hair

Earrings – Fab Pony – Big Hoop Earrings (Magenta)

Skin – Pink Fuel – Alyx (Candy Hearts)


Ur Hot

I’m not anti-vDay.  I’m really not.  What I am, is pro-post-vDay chocolate sales.  I’m actually pro-post-holiday chocolate sales about all the holidays, because that means a plethora of candy and an extended relationship with the downstairs gym.

I went wandering last night to the Seoul City sim, and omigod I found these cute shoes at Gato that are awesome.  And they were oly 75L!  They come in two different colors, so go get them!

Skin – The Skinnery – Lena

Hair – Lamb – Wild Nothing

Sweater – Ur Favorite One – Bawawa Sweater

Shoes – Gato – Minty Booties

Glasses – Alphavillian – Mathletics Glasses

Books – Nestle My Bosom – Schoolbooks

Jeans – Before Sleep (are they even open anymore? these are super old.)

Socks – Ingenue – Sedgwick Tights

Music: Crystal Castles – Suffocation

Juicy Cafe

So I’m back in SL now (laptop was on a death spiral so I had to limit SL time for a bit), and the first thing I want to tell you about is this awesome place–Juicy Cafe.  It’s so pink you’ll squee and possibly have a conniption fit.

Juicy Cafe is a place you can go to relax, attend music events sometimes, or come by when we’re hosting game nights.  We’re photo and blog friendly, and we love builders who just like to sit in a corner and–(ahem)–test makeup quietly while enjoying their surroundings.

We’re not exactly an everyday social place–nobody has the energy for it, and we like places like the Pixel Bean anyway.  We’re a designer/blogger/happy person’s home away from home–when you want somewhere to go, a quiet place to talk, or maybe your region is restarting and you don’t want to end up at an infohub or something.

You should visit it because:

  • I built it*
  • It’s pretty
  • I built it
  • It’s got a cute little tea set at the bar, and everything is as pink as possible
  • I built it
  • It’s like right smack dab in the middle of a bunch of shops.  Spent all your money at Juicy?  Go spend some more at the other 7 connected sims!  Everyone’ll love you for it!
  • I built it.  And that’s like the best part about this.

* meaning I decorated it, but you get what I’m saying.

Visit Juicy Cafe!

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