Game Over!

You Lose.

Commissions are wrapping up, so I’m starting a new personal project!

SL Fighter, Turbo Edition is going to be a myriad of portraits featuring bloggers, designers, and other various people who make up the SL community.  I’ll basically do it when I have free time.  It should be a fun collection when I’m done.

The first portrait shown here is myself, wielding some paintbrushes and a huge Exacto knife.  Painted on the side of my face are my store colors.

Can’t wait to have a ton of portraits finished so I can make a character select screen!

PS, the photo behind me was taken at a mural in Detroit, where someone basically let a bunch of bright colors run down the side of a tall building.  It’s awesome if you see it on the street because everything around it is pretty drab!

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