Bundled Up

Bundled Up

Hey! I got a lot of positive feedback on the last tutorial, so I’m posting a new one.  This blog was supposed to be about all things concerning SL and art and whatnot, but I can add makeup tutorials to that list too, right?  Sure, why not!

So, today I took a hand-drawn skin and dressed it up with some cosmetics to give it a custom look:

Bundled Up

1. Start with the bare skin. This one is Nylon Outfitters Teeth Gap (Plain).
2. Add [ a.e.meth ] Vivid Eyeshadow in Pink.
3. Add [ a.e.meth ] Cat Eyeliner #6, to give it a retro look.
4. For lipstick, add [ a.e.meth ] Matte Lip Tints in Fushia.
5. For a blush, use [ a.e.meth ] Applecheek Blush in Sienna (light).
6. Add on [ a.e.meth ] Summer Sun Eyeliner #1.
7. Prim lashes, and you’re done!

Bundled up

I’m happy more people are getting into buying makeup that doesn’t just come with eyeshadow AND eyeliner included, because that means people are getting more creative and demanding a more custom look for themselves.  To the “makeup” industry in SL, that means we can move forward, because we’re honestly capeable of more than what we’re currently doing.

Here’s to the future!


Shirt [ a.e.meth ] Fresh Shirt

Scarf and Handwarmers *BOOM* Armwarmers and Puffler


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