Deadbeat Summer

What’s one thing a lot of SL’ers want?  Their own personal island, right?

The Lonely Island

At least, that’s what I wanted.  So, after a while of thinking about it, I finally decided to be brave and try to simulate a tiny island within a skybox.

Now, the amount of land I own is not too much–actually just 1024 m^2–a lot of skybox builds favor land sizes much larger than that.  I had to make sure what I created wasn’t going to go over into my neighbor’s lands, while still looking like something that’s got some quality to it.  And can we add to this the challenge of not spending a million lindens?  Cuz, you know, I like saving money.

It took a lot of searching, but I finally got it to look pretty!  Here’s how you can get started on doing the same.

Items I recommend:

  • SPLASH Full Furnished Skybox And Romantic Island from @Inside Buildings    (Ditch the house and campfire, keep the island.)
  • Skysphere from *WL*    (Mod the ground to make it watery–badabing, now you have a skybox with water for your island.)
  • Honey I’m Home‘s group gift cabin    (It’s free and has pink walls!)
  • Small Forest Campfire from Dolly Heart    (This replaces your first campire.) 
  • Waves of Foam from CVR Vintage    (You need to add prettier waves to your skybox to make it more realistic. This pack will do the trick.)

For the interior, I decided to unload a few items I’ve purchased in the past, that come in colors that complement the pink walls.

Beach Bar

A lot of these items are from Tatty Soup, including the tv, coffee table, rug, and the brown chair (sort of off-screen), but here are some recommended pieces I also found on marketplace:

  • Bamboo Bar Counter And Seats from Dreamer Creations    (45L!  I don’t like how it has light coming from it, but whatever.)
  • Cigarette Machine from No. 326     (The best cigs out there, the smoke is very realistic.)
  • Posters are from Cheap Cheap marketplace, but I don’t think they’re for sale any longer.
  • Painting on the opposite wall is from Wunderkids
  • 80’s Posters are from Insert Coin Arcade    (Lucky Board)
If you want to make your place look cozy, try to make it look a smidge cluttered.  A house that’s too neat is a house that isn’t lived in.  Although we like neat things irl, when visitors aren’t over, whose house looks as neat as a pin?
There should be a clean path when people walk in, enough for them to wander around but something that invites them to stay there.  Make your house look like someone was sitting there a moment ago, but stepped away for a few minutes.  Food on the table, something cooking on the stove, coffee on the counter.  A tv left on, a few magazines or books stacked on the shelf.  Let there be a few things that are interactive that lets visitors play and remain interested in your place.
Good luck and have fun creating your island!

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